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What makes us different ?

We believe that people are the critical ingredient in every successful transformation.

Our highly regarded consultants at TE Consulting have used their depth of experience to work across business units, across traditional product silos and organizational boundaries to deliver success to numerous major change programs. In every project, we have brought individuals together into highly effective teams and have provided extra benefits through mentoring, organization and people development

The service we offer is bespoke. We realize that each client experiences unique challenges that require personal attention and practical advice that are specifically tailored to their needs.

We believe in a flexible and collaborative approach to ensure that our consultants always serve to complement every client team we work with. We are committed to achieving extremely high standards of delivery, so each assignment has a quality assurance review included as standard within the service.

Moreover, TE Consulting provides high quality value-added market insight to our clients as part of each client engagement. This is achieved through an ongoing commitment to commission and conduct market surveys and primary research into the topics that are at the top of our clients' agendas.

We represent Crossbridge in Turkey and combine our Technology background in Finance with Crossbridge's deep business know how in the Finance market.

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Our services help your business

  • Improve profitability
  • Sales & Marketing
       Cost & Pricing Evaluation
       Market Evaluation & Development
       Product Development
       Channel Development
       Direct Sales
  • CRM
       Trade Marketing (Merchandising)

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