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Business Consultancy & Management

“Helper in becoming a Corporation”

We are helping your Institution and your Processes to operate not dependent on people, by means of efficient use of technology, and build your roadmap to become a corporate by the help of the analysis made .


  • Business Processes
  • 6 Sigma
  • Customer Services Management
  • Customer Experiences Management
  • Customer Segmentation Management
  • Sales Support Planning
  • Revenue Management
       Revenue Assurance
       Risk Management
       Credit Checking
       Payment Collection
  • Business Process Outsourcing



Business Consultancy & Management

Yardımcı olduğumuz konular

  • Karlılık Artışı
  • Satış ve Pazarlama
       Maliyet Değerlendirme ve Fiyatlama
       Pazar Değerlendirme ve Geliştirme
       Ürün Geliştirme
       Kanal Geliştirme
       Doğrudan Satış
  • CRM

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